Logo design and branding – bdarkai noam

הנפשת לוגו - בדרכי נועם

Logo design and branding - bdarkai noam

The process of designing and branding this business began with significant acquaintance with Noam. Noam is a tour guide who wanted to take his business one step further.
In getting to know Noam, I realized that this business should be branded by Noam's captivating personality and thus attract customers with a unique design language that will create a sense of connection to the space.

Of course, like any business branding process, we designed the logo – "bdarkai noam". This logo was built with a major emphasis on a sense of space and human love. The logo has 3 barren colors that create a unique connotation for the Israel Trail, in addition to the figure of Noam. This figure was designed by us to give a sense of acceptance and love for man.

After designing the logo we thought about what future branding processes Noam would need in order to gain more customers. Automation that is part of Noam's work with many families We have chosen to go about branding through social networks, so Noam can make even more connections by uploading images and content.

This landing page design gives Pleasant a unique way of marketing your business. By creating a landing page designed according to the design language from the branding process we increased the amount of leads significantly.

Nowadays, Noam can direct potential customers to the landing page and receive leads (customer details) and contact them independently. This changed the amount of customers coming for one simple reason.

The lessons do not need to be contacted – Noam is the initiator, customers simply leave details so that they are "not committed" to the process but in fact the chance of closing a deal is significantly increased.

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